When we pray ” Thy will be done…”

When we pray  “Thy will be done….” there is a distinct point of change in our prayers. We pivot from self-focused narcissistic praying in which we  take center stage and those around us benefit from our petitions if for no other reason to make our own lives less stressful, to a God-focused conversation with the Most High.

When we pray  “Thy will be done….” we purposefully release all expectations from circumstances.  “but what if…” is ruthlessly rooted from the deep trenches of our imaginations and we realize slowly and sometimes stubbornly that we were never actually in control of the circumstances to begin with.

When we pray “Thy will be done….”we admit to God and to ourselves that we are short-sighted. We are one-dimensional while God lives in both our past and present.  And God ? He is vast, measureless, omniscient in a  way that humbles us and our technology.

When we pray “Thy will be done….” we risk outcomes that may leave us wondering “what in the world?”.  We pledge the value of Matthew 11:6 and shake our heads while the tears course down our cheeks in agreement. No, Lord we will not be offended by You…..

When we pray “Thy will be done….”we unlock the secret door.  This treasure chest of total peace and unmatched pleasure in Him come to those who pray these things.  With these words of acknowledging His will and surrendering outcomes, we place ourselves inside the secret places of peace. Not for everyone. No, for the ones who trust Him fully…. although maybe not perfectly, but to the fullest measure that He will work it for our good and His glory.

When we pray “Thy will be done….”we unleash the power of the ages into our weak and feeble lives. We ignite a passion for the things of God over the things of us. We learn to pray expectantly and instead of timidly asking. In full assurance we approach Him with the confidence that He can do what He wills.  We begin to lay aside fears and anxiety as we feel the warmth of “His Will” cutting a path through the desert land of doubt. And there, just beyond the horizon our faith is made sight. Rivers of life overflow its banks. It splashes our dry and dusty faces while we gulp huge mouthfuls of His goodness.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven Lord Jesus, Thy will be done…..



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