Blogging is my therapy and a whole lot cheaper than a psychiatrist!  I started blogging in 2008 and somehow just never stopped writing. Somethings here may bore you, other things will make you laugh, or cry.  It’s just my life, but then again, the greatest stories come from the simple moments in time


One thought on “About

  1. Steph!! Me again…that partner in crime’s older protective sister!!!! You don’t know how Joel and I howled at your email – FINALLY….after all these years she may have to fess up – how she has denied some of these crimes…such a very mischievious little sister I have…. I LOVE catching up on your blog – It is so the Steph I remember, yet so strangely I feel like you could be MY friend instead of my sister’s friend!!!!

    Your injury – so sorry for you….I can sympathize completely and fully and regrettably…..the day after Thanksgiving I fell very weirdly while ice skating and broke my tibia and shattered my fibula – I have a rod down the tibia and a plate up my fibula from my ankle up about 6 inches – I was no weightbearing for 12 weeks until my doctor thought the spiral break in my tibia had healed enough!! NOW, stop feeling sorry for yourself!!!! With my 3 busy kids and their schedules this was almost impossible – no walking/driving – pretty isolated on the couch. Seriously, though, sorry for you – I do hope all heals quickly and that you can get on with life!!!

    Feel free to email me if you want – it would be fun to chat!!!!

    Love ya, little sister’s naughty friend……

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