And He is right there…

This morning the winter sun is brilliant. The Mister was ready to go before me as is the norm. We are driving to Alabama today. A road trip with The Mister means we take the back roads, the scenic route, as if driving the interstate would be a sin of some sort. And I don’t mind. He always takes us along country roads with fields and barns and points out deerstands and wildlife while we drive. We listen to Alison Kraus on the radio because he lets me control the radio. We laugh and talk about everything and nothing at all. And He is here with us. Behind us. Around us. Never leaving us for a moment. Steering us away from danger and dazzling us with winter landscapes.

My friends dress for the service. Today they say goodbye to their father. They will remember him and cry and laugh as we do when we celebrate a life well lived. And we join them hand in hand because that’s what we do. We love and grieve with those for whom we care. And He is here with us. He grieves with us. He moves between us with a warmth that assures us of hope of the resurrection.

She runs her heart out early in a Saturday morning. That’s what she does on Saturday mornings. She runs off the stress of a long week. She runs until her legs burn and her lungs make her stop. And she talks to Him while she runs because He is there with her. She tells Him the things she fears and the ways she loves Him. He listens and makes the warm sun shine on her in response.

She rocks the baby to sleep for her nap as she traces the smooth skin on her forehead. She prays blessings over this little one. She enjoys the quiet for a bit instead of lying her armful down.  She will just rock here for an hour while the little one takes her rest. Because for the first time all week she senses He is here with her. He has never left but she has been to busy to notice. She trades dishes and laundry for the soft rhythm of baby breath and whispered prayers.

On a Saturday morning He is not far off. He does not take the weekend off and there is no where you can go that He is not waiting there. As if He cannot stand to wait for the day when He will scoop us up and take us to His kingdom, He surrounds us, whispering His presence. And He is here with you, as you read this, while you work and laugh and play. The King of the World….you have His ear…imagine that. 

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

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