Run Streaks and God’s Faithfulness

This morning I met my running buddies. We ran  4 miles in the beautiful Putnam County countryside as the hot morning sun pushed its way through the thick summer haze.  On mornings like this, I try to soak in the beauty and remind myself how blessed I am.  I am starting yet another run streak. […]

When I think about the Lord……

How He saved me……. cause I wasn’t looking for Him….yet He saw me… and wanted me for His daughter…..and drew me to Himself….makes me wanna shout….. How He raised me…..I was stuck so deep in a pit that I had given up…..but God had plans…..and when I could not reach up….He reaches  down and dared […]

When we pray together

This morning, we come around our brother and lay our hands on his back. We pray. Some pray aloud with others adding “yes Lords” and “amens”. Other pray quietly and some whisper alongside the outloud requests for God to heal him. Tonight we gather in the alter.  With our hearts seemingly one we thank God […]

The Gospel

Maybe you are like me and came to know Jesus when you were a young child, too young to understand the deep things of God, but old enough to know you needed help to get to God. Maybe you walked a path of sin and gave your heart to God when you reached the end […]

Unwrap your gift

Some mornings are a gift. This morning I do not go into work until nine.  I have an extra hour that I have sorely missed all summer.  I hit the snooze two times then stumble out of bed and into my running shoes. Most running day I have slept in my running clothes to hopefully […]

Why I love Wednesday night Church

I am a church girl. My dad was a preacher so when I say I grew up in church, I LITERALLY grew up in church. Maybe that’s why it makes me sad to hear so many people complain about the church. Now to be clear,  I am not oblivious to the faults that can be […]

16 missed text

Today I forgot my phone at home. We were half way to town when I realized it. The Mister offered to go back for it but I was already late for work so I told him to keep on going. I reached for it six times before he ever pulled up in the parking lot […]