A Journey of 1,000 miles…

This morning on the blog you are going to meet one of my dearest friend, a soul sister and a fellow runner.  I have known and loved Danielle  Maldonado for several years and today we celebrate a major milestone in her life…running 1,000 miles in 2016!

Let me introduce you to this amazing woman:


Waynes3girls:  You just ran 1,000 miles!!!!! That’s the distance from Jacksonville, Florida to Chicago Illinois! Quite an amazing accomplishment. Tell us about your experience this morning when you knew you had reached your goal:

D:It was a quiet morning…I was by myself, missed my running partner of late Angie, no one there to celebrate with me but me and my faithful dog Alex.  He probably loves running more than any of us.  I knew that when I hit 3.74 miles it would be exactly 1000, Pastor was preaching at that moment that a scene in your life is not your whole story and that I am here to tell others about His story. Humbled that God still whispers to me early in the morning, that nothing is really about me just what He can do thru me, thanked Him for my health, my family, my journey and for giving me crazy goals to keep me from turning into an old granny!  I also stopped took a picture and jumped up and down for a second.  My neighbors must already thing I’m crazy!


( Dannielle’s view this morning when she hit mile 1,000!)


W3G:  What inspired you to do this?

D:You guys!  My kids schedules keep me from committing to races too often but I do better when I have a goal.  Something to train for….and I think I’ve heard once or twice from you that if it was easy everyone would do it!  Did you sit down and develop a game plan or did it just evolve?  For two years I had a game plan.  I knew I had to get 83 miles a month to make it happen.  I was so upset when I didn’t make it last year…November was a tough month.  This year, I didn’t set out to do it, couldn’t fail again BUT I kept track of my runs/walks/elliptical time and I knew in June I was way ahead of where I needed to be….still didn’t tell anyone I was trying, then it was okay to not make it.  Training with Angie for her half made it easy.  Life is better with friends…I think her and I solved most of the world’s problems the past few months! 😉

W3G:What do you like best about running?

D: (tears) how do I even put that into words.  It’s just me and God.  I started when by babies were little.  I’d run really early before Derrick left for work.  I would get about a mile from my house and the sun would just start to come up.  I am just self centered enough to believe God raised the sun just for me.  Best time to hear the whispers of my Savior.  As you know, I am convinced I am His favorite.  Running is my thinking, praying, crying, getting things settled, convincing myself I can do it time.  

W3G:Surely there were days when you didn’t want to run or that you felt like giving up. What kept you going?

D:Accountability, knowing you guys were doing it too.  Some days I just walked, Sunday morning walks before church with my husband has become my favorite time.  We walk and talk, quality time is my love language.  I guess if it was just about running I would have quit a long time ago.  

W3G:Morning or night runs? Summer or winter? ( I already know this one!)

D:Mornings!!!  Winter is my favorite time to run!  

W3G: What would you say to someone who says that they do not have the time or energy to run?

D: Get some shoes, get a friend and just start walking.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been blessed by a deer, a pond, a turtle, a sunrise, a sweet whisper from the Father…..Keeping myself fit for my sanity, my health, my family its the best gift I can do for others.  

W3G:What’s your next running goal?

D:I don’t know….still haven’t done that full marathon yet!!

W3G:Last but certainly not least….you are a GiGi to the sweetest boy! Will you tell us a little about Cash your newest grandson?

D:Love him to pieces,  seeing him take his first little breath was the greatest gift my daughter ever gave me.  Watching her grow into a Momma was a journey I did not know I needed but it healed me in so many ways.  Cash will always remind me that God’s plan is never what we planned but so much more than what we expected.  God’s timing, His blessings are always perfect.  

W3G: I think I see you and him running some races in the future. What do you think?

D:Nothing I’d like more than to run a race with all 7 of my grandchildren!  


Dannielle, thanks for letting us talk to you! What an inspiration for women like me who are not “professional athletes” but just average women who want to do extraordinary things!

I leave you with this from Dannielle:

Wherever I go I will remember one thing: to give praise to Jesus Christ, my Lord, who makes all things possible. <>



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