Happy Birthday Mister and Big Girl

These two share the same birthday……just twenty four years apart.

They share………

…..stubbornness. Both of them! It’s like having two mules in the backyard I have to water and feed…….but the flip side to stubborn is loyal….and both of them are fiercely loyal.

……..that quiet let-me-think-it-through-for-a-week-before-I-decide attitude. While this can be irritating to someone with ADD like myself, I know that most of the time, once they weigh the options, study the consequences the decision is a good one.


…….love of naps and TV. These two can take a full on nap in 12.5 seconds. I mean fall fast asleep.In a room full of people, anywhere any time. Big Girl still took a morning and afternoon nap until she was three.

……gentleness. They both approach life in a quiet contemplative way.  Not one to rush themselves or others, they quietly come beside you and love you. No need for fanfare or lots of flowers and words. These two gently love the people in their life by simple smiles, warm hands to hold, and being there. Yes just being there is the greatest love words.

……a love for  and “junky candy”, late in the night snacking and scary movies. All of which do not appeal to me.  I have tormented myself with horrific plots and subsequent sleepless nights after watching movies with these two. In fact, The Mister will often say to Big Girl,” Hey did you see that new movie, ‘The Senseless Massacre of Poor Defenseless Family By a Crazed Killer”? to which she smiles and says, ‘Yeah I wanna see it, looks good.’ To which I roll my eyes and wonder how this girl holds any of my genes.

……..beauty. Two of the most beautiful people I know, from their gorgeous blue eyes to the freckles that dance on their faces and arms.  They both have smiles that melt your heart, and The Mister curls his top lip in the most precious way…..and Big Girl, well I was stopped on the street by complete strangers when she was a baby to tell me how beautiful her hair was….and still is.  Thank God that hair cannot be tattooed!

…….love to tease me.  They recruit Baby Girl for this one, and they all three relish mocking me on any number of ridiculous things I do and say…..and I love it!

……all things BBQ, which explains where we are going for birthday dinner tonight…..

So on this twenty-third day of May which forever ties a daddy and his girl, I say Happy Birthday my loves! You both belong to me and I love you exceedingly and abundantly!


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