Resets, mountains, and afternoon naps

Come sit here with me this last day of vacation. Let’s sip our coffee and pray this day drags by. ┬áLast vacation days always get me down. So let’s sit and ┬áchat about how great this week has been. You know vacations are good for the soul, even if it’s a staycation, a week with […]

Tilling my heart

Last week I planted my tomatoes in the little raised bed The Mister made me. I’m thankful that he humors my desire to farm on such a tiny scale. In fact, over the last few years I have scoured the internet and read the entire UGA extension office web site to increase my harvest of […]

Day 8: CBCgoestoDR

We finished up our last day of ministry in a village close to Santo Domingo. It is a sister church of Inglesia Evagnelica Oracion. Be sure and ask Shannon about her dental hygienist experience. It was another day of massive needs, and limited physical resources. A day that we shared God, the unlimited, faithful, righteous […]

Day 7: CBCgoestoDR

I’m not gonna lie….,medical missions is my favorite. This is where I feel most useful. Today we served over 300 people in the village of Las Mercedes. The pastor and his family welcomed us with open arms and opened their church for us to construct a makeshift clinic. People waited for over two hours to […]

Day6: CBCgoestoDR

This is the part of the trip where we are tired and beginning to run low on our mojo.  Most everyone’s clothes are dirty and we have become experts at bathing in lukewarm water. The coolest dynamics of any mission trip are seen in day 6. This is the part of the  trip where we […]

Day5: CBCgoestoDR

Today we left our friends in Puerta Plata and traveled back to Santa Domingo. We ministered at Iglesias Evangelical Oracion tonight in their midweek service.  I would share photos and stories but to tell you the truth…… Tonight was so sweet and so precious that I can’t put it down in words…..  God is doing […]

Day 4: CBCgoestoDR

One day 4 we went to church in Dark Waters We held babies so mamas could listen to the gospel We made bracelets and painted fingernails while the boys played baseball I fell a little more in love with The Mister when I saw him in action  And after a full day of ministry Pastor […]