When I think about the Lord……

How He saved me……. cause I wasn’t looking for Him….yet He saw me… and wanted me for His daughter…..and drew me to Himself….makes me wanna shout…..

How He raised me…..I was stuck so deep in a pit that I had given up…..but God had plans…..and when I could not reach up….He reaches  down and dared to dirty His holy hands to grab me by the scruff of the neck and pull me up… because no daughter of His stays in the pit for long….

How He filled me with the Holy Ghost…… because when you are filled and walking in power there is nothing sweeter or more powerful. Fear flees and the Spirit fills every space that we grant Him access until we become a living breathing fountain of Him…

How He healed me to the uttermost……there was a day when His hands wrapped around my mind and granted healing that was not half way….. He heals to the uttermost. When He healed me I took up my bed and walked in freedom…

It makes me want to shout….

Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Lord you’re worthy of all the honor and all of the glory and all the praise….



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