The Gospel

Maybe you are like me and came to know Jesus when you were a young child, too young to understand the deep things of God, but old enough to know you needed help to get to God. Maybe you walked a path of sin and gave your heart to God when you reached the end of your rope. Maybe you were a really good person, the kind that raises great kids and pays bills on time, loves their wife and goes to church, but one day God opened your eyes and ears to your need for Him and you understood that all your goodness was not enough. Or maybe you are still walking through life on your own, without really knowing Him as The Way……

No matter where you find yourself, The Gospel is for you,…

This morning The PreacherMan tells us the age old story of The Gospel. And this morning, I sat with it. I let the realness of the Gospel saturate my mind and my heart. Sometimes believers like me, that have walked with God for a while, rush right past The Great Sacrifice Story, thinking that it is a truth for those who do not know Him.

But this morning as the PreacherMan takes Philippians 3 and places it in our laps to look at and examine, I pick up the truth of being IN Him and let my mind see the picture of my unworthy, dirty self being encapsulated by glory of the Son. His righteousness completely covers my sin, before I knew Him, and now in my greed and impatience and pride that dogs me even this morning before I walked into the church house.

And God whispers to me, “…it’s a miracle today, if not more than when you where a little girl that decided to follow me.”

It does us all good to sit with The Gospel and let its story of sacrifice of The Perfect One making me acceptable before God, fill our minds. It does me good not to rush on past looking for quick fixes to my urgent need of the day. Because there is no greater need than the one Jesus met on the cross.

Maybe it’s a good afternoon to sit here with The Gospel. And indeed the more I meditate on it the more the wonder unfolds……


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