Resets, mountains, and afternoon naps


Come sit here with me this last day of vacation. Let’s sip our coffee and pray this day drags by.  Last vacation days always get me down. So let’s sit and  chat about how great this week has been.

You know vacations are good for the soul, even if it’s a staycation, a week with family or a trip to Tahiti. Being married to The Mister means vacation takes me to the mountains.  I find a certain type of stillness here on these mountains that live up to their name of Blue Ridge.

Days were spent sipping coffee, browsing yarn shops and frying thick cut bacon in the morning while I wait on The Mister to get home and tell me his trout fishing adventures.  We climbed Brasstown Bald and beheld the splendor of Horse Trough Falls.  We took a nap every afternoon with the windows open so we could hear the summer storm that rolled out from over the mountain about 2 pm.

I  am not dreading going home because I don’t love my life there. No, I miss my grandsweetie and I love my work too much not to want to go back ( although I have started counting days until retirement on that big calendar that hangs on my bulletin board at my desk).

Vacation blues come from an utterly fulfilling week that quite frankly, would be unsustainable in real life.  Vacations are good for resets. Time to turn off your phone and sleep late.  Time to take a long run…but only if I want to.  Time to play cards because there is no television.

Endless vacations would make us lazy. But  I have this last day and I will be lazy today. I’ll have one more cup of coffee while I sit here and count cows on that hillside. Tomorrow someone somewhere will need me to do something for them, but not today. Today is mine to waste…and I think I will do just that.





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