Day 8: CBCgoestoDR

We finished up our last day of ministry in a village close to Santo Domingo. It is a sister church of Inglesia Evagnelica Oracion. Be sure and ask Shannon about her dental hygienist experience. It was another day of massive needs, and limited physical resources. A day that we shared God, the unlimited, faithful, righteous God who is sovereign over all and has all sufficient resources for every need for the people of this country. We realize that we will never meet their physical needs but God has more than enough to supply their spiritual needs. Praise His name!

I am sitting here on the patio this Easter morning. It’s quiet. All the kids are asleep still and the old folks are sipping coffee and finishing up their packing. I am looking at this sky and remembering that this is celebration day of His resurrection. I am remembering the goodbye dinner last night for Emmanuel and Liz and how we sang and prayed and praised Jesus with some “ahmins” and “Allelujuah” and ” Gloria Christo” 

I would be lying if I said I wanted to stay forever. I miss home. I miss my grandsweetie. This is not my home. God whispers to me this morning that there is mission work at home waiting on me. He is asking me to be as faithful to needs in Georgia as I have been in the DR. What a shame if I go around the world but don’t share Christ in my own circles at home. 

I asked Him to transform me last Saturday morning in the Atlanta airport and indeed He is faithful. He is completing the work He has begun. 

Now outta my way….I’m ready for a hot shower and some grandsweetie sugar!


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