Day 7: CBCgoestoDR

I’m not gonna lie….,medical missions is my favorite. This is where I feel most useful. Today we served over 300 people in the village of Las Mercedes. The pastor and his family welcomed us with open arms and opened their church for us to construct a makeshift clinic. People waited for over two hours to be seen by the providers. No one complained about the wait though. Mamas brought babies for us to see. Older men and women were seen from everything from skin rashes to hypertension. 

The youth worked in the HOT sun with the kids and today everyone looks a little sunburned. 

We did home visits for some of the people who could not come to the clinic we got to share the gospel with many and we accomplished much through the power of Jesus name. 

Last night in devotions John reminded us that today is our last day. We looked at each other and a collective sigh went out. We miss our families and a hot shower is number one in everyone’s list, but we are so glad you sent us to minister.  Crossroads has developed such a friendship with the DR church.

Today we repeat yesterday in a new village. Pray for wisdom as we minister and pray for wisdom and we are patients. Pray for open hearts as we share the gospel.

There are not many pictures of clinic days as we are all full blast busy but please go to Josh’s FB page for live feed from day 7. 

Love you Crossroads family and friends! 


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