Day6: CBCgoestoDR

This is the part of the trip where we are tired and beginning to run low on our mojo.  Most everyone’s clothes are dirty and we have become experts at bathing in lukewarm water.

The coolest dynamics of any mission trip are seen in day 6. This is the part of the  trip where we really begin to know each other. That is a good thing for instance: Corey is the king of Taco Bell.  Shannon and Stephanie get the first cups of coffee every morning. Stacey keep us all laughing and hugs every woman in every church like she is their BFF. Paul and Wayne have evaluated the electrical and Plumbing system of every village and found it lacking but have no fear, they  have plans on how to restore order to this maze of wire.  John is our “beautiful boy” and the baseball minister in every village according to the DR girls.  Karen is always quiet but never stops working. She is constantly serving. Ramsey has become all of our favorite and it’s been so awesome to hear his insights. Sadie shared a testimony that blew our socks off. Tori has a child on her or near her in every village. Who knew that Squirrel was such a comedian? Ethan Michelle are invaluable as our internal translator and Ethan threw it down in our midweek service with a message straight from God. And can I say I love Jordan? She’s almost as sassy as me and I love it! Jamie has finally figured out there really is no schedule but  that doesn’t stop her from asking Lydia what’s on the agenda. She’s a champion paint scraper and reminded us last night in her devotion of the mighty power of God. Lydia  and Josh are the glue that holds us all together. Sort of like the parents of a wild disorderly family. 

You don’t just go on a mission trip, you become a family of sorts. And that connection is what allows you to work together and God can accomplish His works  for the Kingdom…… like scraping and painting a whole church and we are all excited to know this surprise awaits this Inglesia on Easter morning:

Praise God for this team! Praise God for our church family that sent us and is praying for us. Crossroads family you are accomplishing great things through His power and in His name!

Pray for us today as we minister in medical clinics in the villages in Santo Domingo.


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  1. Wilma Smith

    Your writings are so good and we can feel the love all of you have shared with so many. So looking forward to hearing many stories from all of you. You are loved.

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