Day 3: CBCgoestoDR

Everywhere I looked today I saw my grandsweetie. Maybe it’s just because I miss her. Maybe it’s because I saw lots of beautiful brown eyed brown skinned babies in the village of Havior. Or maybe it’s because a lady in the village told The Mister she was going to name her baby “Wayne” in honor of him. 

I have hopes and dreams for my grandsweetie. I pray she comes to know Jesus when she is young and serves Him all the days of her life. I pray she does big and great things for God. I prayed for her this morning when her mama sent me this picture:

Today we saw lots of mamas bring their sweeties and grandsweeties to hear about Jesus and maybe get their face painted and pick a prize from the big black tote that carry all sorts of treasure. I wonder what hopes and dreams they have for them. Do they hope that they will do great things for God? Do they hope that they will survive and maybe,  just maybe find work that will help them move out of Havior? Do they even hope and dream or are these people without hope? And today it seemed fitting that I should pray for them along side my grandsweetie. I prayed for their souls to know Jesus because I think maybe I may be the only one today who prays a prayer like that over them. I asked God to do great things over the little girl that was about 14 months like my Addi-girl. She smiled just like my grandsweetie does when I rubbed his  little earlobes. 

We also had a coffee party, which is a lot like a tea party but with Dominican Republic coffee that is without the finest coffee I have ever tasted.  Margarite who is a believer here in Puerta Plata has cooked for us and today  surprised the ladies with coffee. The kids were sent inside to work while the men were exiled to the porch. It was perfect. This was a women’s only coffee time. As we sat around and sipped coffee and talked we decided that we don’t do this enough back home, you know slow down and enjoy each other and sip coffee and laugh. How in the world can we share Christ with our neighbors if we don’t take the time to know them? So that sweet little group of Crossroads girls promised each other that when we get back home God will keep us focused more on relationships and less on schedules. More focus on loving God and loving each other instead of rushing.

Y’all please pray with us for the people of Puerta Plata. Please get ready to listen to us go on and on about them when we get home. We are in love with these sweet believers who are working tirelessly with such limited resources to bring others to Christ. Some of these believers literally live on nothing and give all they have so that they can wil the lost in this corner of the world. Puts me to shame. Lights my fire. 

And not just me….this whole Crossroads crowd is being transformed….just like we asked God to do…….


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  1. Wilma Smith

    What an encouraging message for all of us. Praying for another great day for you guys and look forward to hearing for of the stories and blessing each of you will have to share with us. In God’s Love, Mercy & Grace.

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