Day2: CBCgoestoDR

Sandy Patti said it best…”Love in any language……pulls us all together…never apart” and I sang it too with a hairbrush microphone in front of my mirror…but that’s another story for another day.

This morning we drove a few hours to church in Puerta Plata. It was well……you can see it was wild and free and loud and beautiful 

I stumbled along and echoed a “Dios” whenever I heard just for good measure. Mostly I sat with my eyes closed and soaked up the wonder of praising God for bringing us here, for loving me and my brown skinned sister next to me. The audience was a sea of waving brown arms and I could feel the abandon in their worship. I thought about my sisters and brothers back home at Crossroads, equally engaged in worship. 

Because worship is done when we dance in the aisles or listen to an organ play. Worship is done with sweat rolling down our faces and a 4 hour service just the same as it is done by our own PreacherMan back home who has spent hours in study to bring us Gods’s message.  He does it week after week and it causes us to grow in God’s grace. Because worship is adoration to a God who is infinitely worthy of far more than our meager attempts at showing His glory. 

And so as I stand with a microphone that magnified my voice ten times louder than it does back home I feel overwhelmed to see these brown skinned brothers and sisters explode into praise as we sing tears fall down my white face. Sometimes it’s just too much. 

And as I finish my song and warm brown hands slips into mine and she leans to whisper some words of love in Spanish in my ear as she kisses my cheeks. I have no idea what she just said but I pretend that she says”We are children of our Father and He loves us.”


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