My Pastor’s Wife……


If you didn’t see her on Sunday don’t be surprised. She’s more than likely in the nursery with her arms full of squirming crying babies. She takes her turn and the turn of many others so that mamas can sit in church and soak in the Word or maybe just get an hour away from that same crying baby who pulls on her nonstop. She’s had five babies of her own and she understands that sometimes it’s not for spiritual reasons but just the peace and quiet a Sunday morning in the sanctuary can bring. What you may not know is that she stays when other won’t, and  when she’s not in nursery she’s probably in children church. The last time she sat in Sunday morning service was probably the spring of 2014. She’s my pastors wife.

She stands on the sidelines and claps for everyone else because she would rather swallow  knives than be on display. She doesn’t want the spotlight, and she doesn’t need it either. If you aren’t looking for her you probably will look right past her because usually she is “not looking on her own things but on the things of others.”( Phil. 2:4) Once in a great while she can be convinced to sing, and when she does it’s like a spring rain right there in the sanctuary….not much prettier than her rich alto voice lifting up Jesus name to the “yes Lord” and “amens” that follow.

She  doesn’t lead Bible studies or speak at women’s conferences. She’s far to busy leading her five children and loving her husband. When it’s her turn to pray she asks God to strengthen and  bless our pastor who is her best friend. That speaks to the rest of us women. In her simple prayer she points us in the direction of the best way. And it occurs to me that she leads perhaps more than she knows and she inspires without opening her mouth.

When she sees me at church her face lights up and she hugs me and I feel loved. When I ask her to pray she does…and remembers  later and asks me  how God worked it all out.

Today is her birthday and she does not expect anyone to notice because that’s her way. She’s quiet and steady. But I see her in the background. I know she will still be cleaning or putting up chairs or sweeping floors after everyone else is home in bed. I know that she is confident in her calling to love her family well and walk by her man in ministry.

You are doing it well Christa and our Father is well pleased. Tomorrow I will let you fade in the background where you are much more at home, but today…..I am calling you out. It’s your birthday. You are my pastor’s wife and I am thankful for you. I love you Christa. Keep doing what you are doing exactly the way you are doing it. You lead us well.


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4 responses to “My Pastor’s Wife……

  1. Sharon Bache

    Happy birthday Christa, I love you!

  2. Carol Williams

    Yes, that describes our pastor’s wife–such a God loving woman, wife, mother, and caring friend!

  3. Linda

    Very well said and what a blessing! Happy Birthday to Christa!

  4. Wanda Lambert

    Well said. Happy birthday sweet lady.

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