So teach us to number our days


Lord teach us to number our days……because we are time wasters and procrastinators. W e are running out of days as quickly as summer is melting into fall.  Some of us did not live to see October fade into November, leaving gaping holes where families used to be whole.

Lord teach us to  number our days……because I need to be reminded of what is important. Sometimes the best gets crowded out by the good, or worse, the expedient. There is nothing more sad than wasted hours spent on things that hold no Kingdom value.

Lord teach us to number our days….because we are trading face to face relationships for cheap digital substitutes. There are thank you’s waiting to be said. Teach me to say them today……to squeeze their hand and look in their face as I tell them the difference they make in my life. There are I am sorry’s that I need to share not in a text or email but eye to eye where it takes courage covered in humbleness. We won’t always get another chance and regrets are  vicious.

Lord teach us to number our days because we are called to walk out these dark and  uncertain with hope. Surely the God called us to walk these days prepared us to walk them out with others who ask us about our hope.

Lord teach us to number our days……..because the time will come where there are no days or nights. Sunsets will be a thing of the past.  The Son will be the Light.

Lord teach us to number our days…..because we will waste our lives if we don’t.


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