Make his face shine on us



When you run at sunrise there is a moment where the sun breaks over the inky line of the horizon and you are bathed in the warm yellow glow of the sun. On perfect mornings, when the first hint of fall is in the air and you feel like you could run forever, the light shines on your face and your mind is transported back to the previous night. You remember the PreacherMan sharing Psalms 67 in a roomful of believers.  It is that sacred time when believers come together in the middle of their busy week to let their hearts soak in His Words like thirsty sponges.  The PreacherMan explains these Holy Words as he tells us that God allows the Face of Jesus to shine on us and it rocks the foundations of our world when the Light spreads over us.

I run into the face of the sun and at the same moment it feels as if I am facing Emmanuel Himself.  He runs here with me and not just this road on a morning run in late September but in a Hebrews 12 race.  I look up to see Emmanuel, the author and finisher, urging me on, not in a distant detached way, but right here beside me his breath on my face, as we put one foot in front of the other.  And just like a magnificent September morning when the fall sun spreads over me through the last stretch of my morning run, Jesus face shines on His children.  And sometimes you are so overwhelmed with the beauty of the Light that you slow down, you walk the last little bit because sometimes you need time to turn your face to the Son and exalt Him for His overwhelming mercy.  Sometimes you walk into a divine blessing that looks an awful lot like a sunrise.




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