My next 30 years

If I live as long as my dad who lived to be 77, I have 30 years of living left.  Funny, just a mere 30 years ago, I was a 17 year old girl with not a care in the world. Back then I thought I had forever to live my life and that there was no need to rush. I drifted from day to day with little thought to tomorrow. And that is how life should be for a a girl of 17.

But I am a woman of 47 now, a woman  who buried her 77 year old father three days ago.  So bear with me as I sit and number my days.  After all, to a 17 year old girl 30 years is an eternity, but to a 47 year old woman 30 years is a breath before eternity.

If, God willing, I have 30 more years then it is worth it to sit and think about how best to spend those years and months. The days and hours count, even the very minutes.  Unlike Mr. McGraw who urges us to relax, have another drink and not worry about tomorrow for the next 30 years, I feel a sense of urgency.

My next 30 years leaves me a limited amount of time. How can I make those days count for The Kingdom? So much I have wanted to do, but found a hundred unimportant distractions to steal the time away. Not in my next 30 years.

My next 30 years will be lived in light of the vastness of eternity that eclipses the briefness of this earthly life.  I will make plans based on that alone. Maybe I will have less time for worry, but more time for trusting.  I will lay aside grudges and hold relationships with more gentleness and care.  I will spend less time planning and more time living out ministry, the blessed distraction of life. I will fuss a little less at the Mister and spend more time holding his hand.

I have no idea what the next 30 years hold in store for me, but I know that  God leaves us here until every drop of usefulness is squeezed out of us.  And so I tell God, “Go ahead and squeeze me really good, I want every drop used. I don’t want to waste a second of this precious life with what does not matter”   I know full well that when we offer our next 30 years to The Father, He begins to use us in ways that we cannot ask or imagine.

And that sounds like a good way to spend my next 30 years…… or 30 days…..or however long it takes for Him to use me up.  And just like Mr. McGraw, my next 30 years will be the best years of my life.



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