Sit with your grief

Grief is no respecter of persons. It comes to visit each of us at one time or another in our lives this side of heaven.How foolish to think for a minute that we will manage to escape the cold dark hand of grief.

“My life is spent with grief and my years with sighing”  Ps.31:10

And yet so few of us choose to sit with grief.  So many of us blink back our tears and keep moving forward, terrified that if we start to cry we may never stop.  Others of us ignore grief, unwilling to sit and look grief in the eye and absorb the pain in front of us.  We minimize and explain it away. Some of us may try to outrun it or maybe dig a hole and bury it deep in the earth….or maybe in a bottle of wine.  Other try to laugh in the face of grief only to find that the laugh is an empty sound devoid of any joy….

To sit with our grief means that for a moment we embrace loss, allowing our hearts to feel a deep emptiness that only that Father can fill.  To refuse to sit with our grief is to refuse the loving comfort of our Heavenly Father for surely these are not empty words….

Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted” Matt. 5:4

Don’t rush through your pain. Sit with it.  Think about your loss and recognize that life will be different and not in a better way.  Sit with grief and allow the tears to fall.  Cry for what is lost and maybe for what we never had in the first place.  It won’t be easy and it may take you a while to walk through the dark hallway of grief.  Take the hurt in your hands and hold it up close for a good look.  See it for what it is, a part of this broken fallen world.

Then let the Father fold you in His arms.  Let Him wipe the tears from your face and collect them in a bottle marked “PRECIOUS”,  for not one tear is wasted in God’s economy.

You see, you won’t ever know peace until you sit with grief. So sit with it. It won’t kill you, instead it allows you access to the Greatest Power…grief ushers you into the presence of a great God who can comfort you in such a lavish way that you realize that grief was your friend the whole time, never your enemy.


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  1. granDi

    The post is good, but It’s not easy to do those things when you feel as if you can’t even reach the heart of GOD. He seems so far away! You’ll be thankful that you can count on others to pray for you. The house will be so empty, nothing to come home to. It’s not a home anymore, it’s just a house. The children try to stay away to forget the pain of all the memories inside the walls.
    Truly, GOD is aware of what is going on, and he sees the future, I can only see this second and plan for what, hopefully, will come one day, peace and comfort, and a joyful heart again.
    Yes, it comes to us all, but pray for it not to come if you desire to be free from the agony you will suffer day and night. There will be times when you’ll not be able to eat or sleep, and do nothing but cry for days on end. Pray for it not to come to you! Pray for the Lord to come back in His glory to receive you both into His Heaven. If it comes to you, you’ll need a diversion to get you through each moment of the day and night.
    You won’t like the term “widow” at all. You’ll run from it, but I pray it does not come to you, or any other woman or man. The death of a partner is as if you have died yourself, to a life that will never be the same again! Never again!! You’re a different woman, never to be the same again. Oh, you may still be the same mom, or sister, or friend, but never the same woman.
    So, pray for it not to come to you or your sweet man. Pray fervently for the Lord to come back and take you both together. It’s really better to never marry than to lose the one you have loved for a lifetime. Di

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