Blessed are the meek…or I’d rather be a dove than a wolf

This morning God and I have a long talk over coffee…I drink coffee and He did the talking. He directs me into the Word to Matthew and 5:5 and I read:

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”

And as I sip my coffee He whispers, “Child, have you thought about being meek?” And although being meek has never really appealed to me, I let him take my hand and lead me through Matthew and stop in places where He points out what it really means to be gentle.

Meekness means I have no need to be understood, because I know that Jesus wholly knows and accepts me. I do not need to declare my point of view or point out the ways I have been wronged, because I am meek. And I know that Jesus sees and knows. He is the Ultimate Scorekeeper.  It is ok to be misunderstood because my thoughts and ideas and opinions are secondary to His will and plans.  He of all was most understood, this King that came as gently as a dove.  They did not understand that he controlled the universe in his thoughts.  I can be slow to speak and slow to anger when I am attacked.  Suddenly I am free to do what is right and not worry about the outcomes. I am generous with my affections and I can release my hurts because I am safe in the Masters hands.

Meekness means that I take my anxieties, my frustration and my fears and place them on His broad shoulders.  He can handle it.  I can sit and wait patiently without a care in the world. I can ride the waves of warmer air that rise from below. I can trust Him because He is trustworthy.

Oh Child of the Father, do you understand that in your meekness you are an heir to all The Father owns? You have boundless resources? In meekness you inherit all that The Father has stored in the heavenlies for you. His meek children can claim ownership of the world and all that it contains.

And these promise do not go to the proud or selfish. The inheritance is not for those that seek to right ever wrong done to them. For the road to meekness is not easy. It makes us vulnerable to injury and pain. But the meek know that the promises far outweigh the pain and  they journey on this narrow road.  They keep their answers soft and their spirits gentle and they know that what the gain is so much more than what they release into the Father’s hand.


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