Roughin’ It

The last time The Mister and I went tent camping Big Girl and Baby Girl were little bitty girls.  We got caught in a rain storm and as I lay there with two panic stricken children and watched  the top of the tent bow under the weight of the collecting water, I swore I would never ever tent camp again. By God’s  grace I never have.  The Mister did not share my concerns that night and could not understand why I was not enjoying a night of torrential downpour that was so loud we had to shout. He attempted to comfort me by saying “Baby, this is all part of roughin’ it.”  Now,  make no mistake, I am not a high maintenance woman, but neither do I enjoy roughin’ it when I know there is a hot shower and soft bed waiting at home….

And just like that stormy night a few years ago, I find myself roughin’ it here on this earth. Paul reminds me and you in 2 Cor. 5:1 that this tent is not meant to last. 

“For we know that if the tent that is our earthly tent is destroyed, we have a building made by God, not built with human hands waiting for us in the heavens.”

Hey believer, you are just roughin’ it. I know that lately the thunderstorms of life are beating you down. You  are struggling to tote water and keep the campfire burning. No matter how many times you rinse your hands in the creek they seem dirty. It’s a struggle for sure.

Not that roughin’ it in this tent is all bad. The sunrises from the opening of this tent are pretty spectacular and there’s nothing like laying down to sleep to the night sounds of crickets. That’s just like God. He makes a way for those of us who have a hard time camping in a tent.

But make no mistake. God did not intend for you to make it forever in your tent, not even the Coleman 4 man tent that  promises to be leak proof. Don’t believe it, even they can’t make it through North Georgia summer downpours. 

And just like The Mister, the Father reminds me this morning right there in 2 Corinthians that I only have to rough it for a little while. He has a hot shower, a cup of coffee and a dry clothes waiting on me. He reminds me to hang in there and weather this downpour because this tent was not made to last forever. It’s not my final home. Pretty soon, we will pack up camp. We will take down the tent and the remnants of the campfire will ash over from last nights rain.  We will stow our gear and leave things better than we found them. We may be drenched and bone tired  from  roughin’ it but it won’t matter….cause we will be headed home…


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