I am a runner

I am a runner.

Sometimes I am training and never miss a day. Sometimes I go months without lacing up my shoes…..but I am still a runner.

I am slower than I was when I was twenty-five but I’m still a runner.

I don’t actually win races, but I keep entering them and spending Saturday mornings doing the long runs because I am a runner.

Last week when my friend was in crisis she said ” I am going for a run’,  because she is a runner and she knows how the miles soothe.



I am a mama.

My babies don’t wake me in the middle of the night and ask me to ” scoot over so I can lay with you”,  but  I still listen for Baby Girl’s car to come home late at night cause I  am a mama.

There is no fights over report card grades, broken curfews or hem lengths, but I still sometimes am wide awake at 2 AM cause that’s what mama’s do….we pray at 2AM.

I love thus little one God has given us. Everything stops when she comes to Nanny’s house and we spend the day loving her, because I am a mama who gets to be a nanny too.


I am a child of God.

There have been times when God was so close I felt His breath on my face.  Others times, like Peter, I denied Him, but I am  still His child.

Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I cuss and throw things.  There are seasons my faith is strong and sometimes I struggle with doubt, but  I always find forgiveness in The Father…… cause I am a child of God.

When it seems like the world is on the fast track to hell,  I think about my home in heaven and sometimes I want to be with Him so badly I can hardly stand it,  because I am a child of God and I get homesick sometimes.




Don’t feel like you have to always check the list and be the best. You are who you are……. perfect or not.




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