Get yourself a prayer posse

Do you ever feel like maybe prayer works for everyone else….but not for you?


Do you feel your prayers hit the ceiling and then fall smack down on top of your head with a thud?


Do you feel like sometimes your faith is so weak there is more strength to be found in the tiny grip of my newborn grandsweeties fist?


You need to get yourself a prayer posse.

A prayer posse? Like  the old west posse that Marshal Dillon rounded up to run the cattle thieves outta town? Exactly like that. Because sometimes The Enemy simply needs to be run outta town. And I have not found a better group to do that, then some praying women.

My prayer posse contacts me by text message, but sometimes by a hand slipped into mine at invitation and a whispered ” Pray with me?”  We saddle up with a few other gals who have seen the power of God in answer to our requests and together we move heaven and earth for each other.

A prayer posse will understands that we don’t need details.  “Just pray for me” is enough.

A prayer posse understands that sometimes your faith is weak and you are all prayed out and they can take the burden for you for a day or so and carry it, and lift it to God.

A prayer posse prays just as hard for the little things ( like…. I need an attitude adjustment)as they do for the big things (like…. my mom needs to be saved).

A prayer posse rejoices in answered prayer with you like no one else can, because they fought for the victory right there beside you.  Your prayer posse woke up at 2 am with your needs on their mind and prayed. She is going to be the first smile through tears while you tell her the details of how God worked it all out.

A prayer posse is not necessary to see God work. Oh no, God can hear and move in response to the whispered prayer that only Him and you know. But I’m gonna tell you this much….its a faith builder.  Its a gift. It will hold you accountable and teach you to be unselfish as you learn to intercede for others.

You need a prayer posse? Well, go get yourself a prayer posse. Find some women who know how to pray.  Pray with them. Pray for them. Ask them to pray over you.  You can message me. I’ll be your prayer posse.  There is no lack of things for which to pray, and we all have great need of increasing our faith. And it never hurts to have Satan run out of town by a group of praying women.









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