On the day that you were born

…….the  January sun came up and an ordinary  Friday morning was warmed into a gorgeous spring-like sunrise. God wanted to celebrate your birthday so He sent a warm sun and a brilliant blue sky to wake up birds that sang a “Happy Birthday” song just for you. Life as I knew it stopped dead in its tracks. For months, every grandma I knew told me “There’s nothing like it.” But how could I have known or understood until I saw you? I couldn’t, because  there are things in this life that can only be experienced to comprehend.

One the day that you were born, I fell in love even more with your Big Pops….if that were possible. He cried when he saw you, the same tender way he did when he saw your mama for the first time. It’s funny how a new love multiplies your love for everyone else…..


One the day that you were born a boy and girl grew up. Sometimes we discover that our plans are a distant second to His plans and we give ourselves over to the Master Plan. The plan where He gets all the glory and we stand in humble awe of just how He worked every detail out.

On the day that you were born I realized that God gives do-overs. See, these days I am not in a rush, if you want to dwaddle and stop to look at every single flower or bug that’s ok by me.  If you decide that 3 am is a good time to share secrets and talk, that’s exactly what we will do…I am usually awake at 3 am anyways. Nannies don’t worry about clean clothes or bedtimes. We will read just one more book and if you want to sleep in Nanny and Big Pops bed, we can make him sleep on the couch. We can swing all afternoon and I am going to teach you to knit.  

On the day that you were born, I whispered things to you that only you and me will know. There  are some things that are too precious to share. I don’t love you more than the other grandsweeties that will come after you…but I did love you first sweet girl…




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2 responses to “On the day that you were born

  1. granDi

    Well said, granSteph, well said! My first one I whispered to is almost 21 now, and I love him more today, than when he was born, if that is possible. You know it won’t all be easy and perfect, but the joys will outshine the “ouchies” every time! Love you granSteph!

  2. Joyce Pate

    That made me cry.

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