Measure Twice, Cut Once

I am ashamed of my bathroom floor. It’s an example of what happens when a woman gets impatient with her husband who can do all manner of remodeling, in fact owned his own business doing so, but would not tile his wife’s floor in a timely manner. It is a constant reminder of what happens when a floor is tiled without obeying The Misters rule of life,  “Measure twice, cut once.” It’s a glaring study in the result of “eyeballing” it. There are imperfect spaces, more than one of the tiles veer to the side  and worst of all, a gapping crevice in front of the tub. Me and The Mister don’t really discuss it. It’s still a tender subject. 

The Mister has no tolerance for sloppy work. He is a perfectionist and if I had a dime for every time I heard him say “Baby, you got to measure twice and cut once.” I would be a rich woman. Until the day we finally retile that bathroom, I will be constantly reminded what happens when you tile without a chalk line. 

And so it is in life……

Tonight the preacher man reads from the tiniest book in the New Testament, II John.  It’s a beautiful story of the intertwining of truth and love that cannot live without the other. And then there in verse 7 the author, Apostle John stops his gentle words of love to pull out his chalkline from his toolbelt and gives it a wack on the floor. A cloud of dust flies up and as it settles we see a red line. “Jesus Christ, Son of God” is written in that line. We peer over and as we watch the the preacherman explains to us that this is our measuring stick, our plumbline, our True North. 

Every tile of life is laid against this Straight Edge. Because Jesus, God Incarnate  is our truth, our basis for laying the tiles of life. The preacherman warns us that measuring by any other basis will give way to disaster and I think now of my bathroom floor with its gaps and turned edges of tile. The Mister says nothing but shakes his head as he views my misguided work. And in the same way I wonder how people I love can veer so far off course. 

The answer is simple really. Jesus Christ, Son of God in human flesh, sacrificed for our sin, buried in a tomb, rose the next Sunday, fully man but now glorified to bring us to The Father is Truth, the Divine standard.  This is the measuring stick. By this you will know truth and your lines will stay straight. 

I glance at my floor tonight while I brush my teeth before bed. I wish I had waited on The Mister and his chalkline to guide me. There is no substitute for living in light of the Theology of Christ……or a good man with a chalkline in his tool belt. 


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