Shekinah Glory 

It’s an ordinary Wednesday night. I rush through a crowded 5 o’clock grocery store  mentally checking off the ingredients for supper. I find the only two ripe avocados left and head for a checkout line that will no doubt be the very one to stop for  10 minutes for a price check. It’s one of those afternoons where the sheer weight of the crowd and an oncoming hot flash make me feel a combination of panicky and irritable.

But now it’s still and quiet in the back of the sanctuary. It’s prayer meeting night and we sing a gentle song of everything being well with our souls as if our souls know the secret is not empty checkout lines and steady hormones but something much bigger and deeper than that. Oh so much bigger….

The preacher man leads us the book of Revelations and begins to share with these ordinary people—-people like me who rushed to put something on the table for dinner, people who heard bad news today, mamas with sleepy babies in their arms and old folks whose silver hair bows for prayer and everyone in between who, like me, are hungry to know there is something bigger and deeper—-what waits for us.

The rich treasures of Revelations jump off the page and dance in our minds while we listen to the preacher man describe a City with its foundation of 12 layers of precious colors like the dazzling ribbons of a sunset. And suddenly it’s no ordinary Wednesday night….

I have long since forgotten the stack of dirty supper dishes waiting on me because my mind is exploring a heavenly gate that is built by a solid pearl. Just like the wound of an oyster producing one of the most beautiful gems known to man, the Savior takes His wounds and forms a monument of his grace and displays it as the passageway into the Holy City for His children. I find my  voice and whisper a “oh thank you Jesus”…..and it’s certainly no ordinary Wednesday night.

And then we stop our tour of heaven to look at the throne and we see Him. And suddenly it’s worth it all. We behold The Lamb. It’s no ordinary Wednesday night as the preacherman explains that Shekinah Glory is the destination of what we will see….God’s dwelling place.  And here in the back of the church, in my work clothes with a supper stain down the front, here with my weary self, a little bedraggled with makeup long since worn off and bifocals that are fogging up from tears. I sit and let those tears fall down my face. It’s no ordinary Wednesday night because I just had a glimpse of heaven. I just saw a small flash of Shekinah glory. 

And my heart longs to leave crowded grocery lines and impatient customers. I want to say goodbye to politicians and their empty lies. I want to never be disappointed in another person. I never want to hear about someone’s cancer or addiction. I want to be there in that land of Shekinah Glory….

And on an ordinary Wednesday night I am transported for a glimpse of what waits for me……and when we stand and pray I look up instead of bowing my head because tonight I just want to look in His   face, at least as much as I can anyways. 

And on this ordinary Wednesdat night I whisper “I miss you Lord, I know you are here but I want to see your face.” And in the stillness of the sanctuary I feel Him reply “it won’t be long now Child, it won’t be long”

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  1. Wilma Smith

    Love your writings and it was a glorious service tonight. We will one day be standing “on Holy Ground”.

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