Paul was the first one to make New Years Resolutions and why you should too…..

Here is one of my guilty pleasures…..People magazine and their year in review. Don’t judge. It’s one of the pure trash habits I cling to and it somehow gets me in the mood for shutting down the last of the year. It helps me to  clean out the cobwebs of December 31st and put out the welcome mat for the new year. 

Maybe you are a resolution maker, or  maybe not,  but I imagine you are one or the other. New Years resolutions are like Diet Coke. People love them or hate them. I fall into the love camp and with good reason, Paul, the New Tetament missionary was the original resolution maker. 

  • Hebrews 12:1 ” Strip off every weight that weighs us down and especially the sin that so easily trips us up, and run uninhibited the race set before you.”

If you are a church girl ( or boy) like me you have heard every possible variation of this verse. But one thing remains no matter who is preaching it… cannot move forward if your arms are full of yesterday. You cannot grow stronger if you are only consuming calories in fast food nutrients (figuratively and literally, this is about New Years after all)

Just this morning, I talked with a friend who is struggling with the fairness of her very lopsided situation. Sometimes the weight we set aside is not so much the sin  but the perspective in which we view life, the utter self focus with which we react and for all of us, the laziness with which we approach the cutting off of the weights. 

So pull out a clean sheet of paper and write down some measurable goals because “reading my Bible more” is not nearly as effective as “reading for 15 minutes every morning by 7am”. 

“Being sweeter to the The Mister” won’t really get me very far. I hope instead that trying remember to turn off the lights and shut the closet door will be a more tangible act of love and no, I am not kidding. That is loving well after twenty- five years of marriage. 

Go ahead, the last few days of 2015 will slip by and there you will be with all the weight of it still attached like a ball and chain. I am going to try and catch up with Paul. He’s way ahead I am sure, but if I don’t start running now I will never catch up………

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