2016: Going Old School, or The Year I Broke Up With My Phone

I am addicted to my phone. I am that woman. The one who scans Instagram in the checkout line. I am guilty of grievous sins like texting and driving ( although I do try to speak text) and if I forget my phone in the car I get nervous. It makes the top five on the “items to take on Survivor”. It is an issue. I am so glad I raised my girls in the days of flip phones and pre-texting. 

My life is virtually contained on my iPhone. Like you, I have the basics like contacts, passwords and social media apps. I also carry around all manner of life organizational apps with which I attempt to lose weight, run more, knit, listen to audiobooks, play games, read, check my work emails and text to people nonstop that evidently I am way to busy to pick the phone up and talk to.

Don’t get me wrong…I love all of it. I just think I may love it a little too much.

If the Internet is true (and gosh, why wouldn’t it be?!?) then when ISIS cyberattacks us and everything goes offline I don’t want to lose the last 5 years of knitting patterns I have stored in my Knitty app. Seriously though, sometimes it’s better the way it was……

This year I started using my bible at church. Like the tissue thin paper, wide margin bible with the maroon fake leather cover. I fell back in love with writing in my margins. Just this morning, I reread Pastor John message notes I have scrawled in the side of my Bible at John 14  from yesterday. You can’t make sermon notes in red pen with underlines and exclamation points in excess on your bible app. There’s nothing like flipping through those pages and finding faded highlighted verses with”This!” written  in between the lines of the Psalms.

It hit me that this may be a good year to go old school. You know, with a day planner and hand written birthday cards. Maybe there’s a lot to be said for a knitting notebook where I can look through patterns and yarn samples instead of scrolling endless Pinterest pages.  Maybe the miles I run will take on a little more meaning when I log them down with pencil in that spiral bound notebook that has “Running Log 2016” scrawled in my sloppy handwriting in Sharpie marker across the front.

And a paper and pencil calendar? I haven’t done that since 2002. And maybe that’s why I can’t tell you what in the world I have to do this week.  

Yep, I am quitting my iPhone addiction cold turkey. It’s gonna hurt. I may need to activate The Misters old flip phone he keeps stored in the bottom drawer for emergencies…..just to get me through the withdrawls……


2 thoughts on “2016: Going Old School, or The Year I Broke Up With My Phone

  1. I am old school. Make notes, keep running grocery list, have calendar at computer, kitchen and desk with out doctor appts., birthdays, etc. Keep last year’s calendar in cabinet in case I need to refer back to it. Oh well, IPhone is great to keep in contact with family and see the family pictures.

  2. I love my phone, too. I appreciate the convenience. My kids laugh at all of the things I DON’T use it for.( mostly out of ignorance). But, I am saddened by how few people use Bibles in church…let alone at home. Sure, it’s on their iPads, phones, tablet, etc. I get it. It’s not the same. There’s no mental” I’ll run grab my Bible ” as they’re going out the door. There’s not the reverence attached to the fact that this volume in my hands allows my God to speak to me. I think we are losing this generation with the convenience of technology. This is strictly my opinion, I know. If I am sitting in the car and I don’t have my Bible with me, sure, it’s great to be able to look up a verse. But, I’ll continue to carry my Bible to church and to read it at home, too.

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