Finding My Words

Sometimes I “lose my words” as my friend Lauren likes to say. It doesn’t happen often and perhaps The Mister would have a hard time agreeing with that statement. The truth is, I don’t really lose them as much as it seems to be the same words on repeat. Sometimes I have nothing new to say so I don’t say anything. Sometimes my mind can’t move past the here and now to post anything of substance, so I don’t post anything at all. 

And then, just like that, the record becomes unstuck. 

Maybe it is the quietness of this Christmas afternoon as I sit here with The  Mister. It is so still. It’s our new normal and I love it. Sounds selfish doesn’t it? This year we won’t hustle and bustle. We take our time over Kentucky Butter Cake and watch Willow chase the squirrel that teases her everyday, even on Christmas Day. 

Today we don’t worry about Hillary vs. Donald, because they will still be arguing tomorrow. No, today we turn off the news and log off Twitter and just sit and listen to that old woodpecker in the back field making quick work of our hardwoods. 

Today is a good day to find my words because words are not found in chaos. They are found in stillness. I can find my words while The Mister tells me his plans for Big Girls house next door and we think about  Grandsweetie that will be barely walking next Christmas. 

Today the afternoon sun finally begins to dry the puddles that have become lakes because if Christmas does anything, it reminds us better days are coming. And that alone helps me find my words.

So while a few words ping around in my brain I will jot them down. Because losing your words is frustrating. But finding them? It’s like finding Christmas on a warm spring day. Far as I can tell, there’s nothing as sweet as Jingle Bells in flip flops on the back deck with an ice cold Coca-Cola.


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