I’m sticking with God


Life is tough.

Babies get sick.

Daddies drink too much.

Jobs end with no warning and the bank gets the house back.

Promises get broken.

and so do dreams

But I am sticking with God. Just like David did. Read it for yourself in Psalms 11.  The preacher man opens the Word to that very chapter today and tells us how David faced the same trials we do.  He stuck with God. And I am too.

There are lots of reason tucked in this chapter like little treasures to be discovered, urging us on to stick with God.

But maybe my favorite reason is the visual the preacher man gives us that is found in verse 4…..

“…His eyes see, his eyelids test the children of man.”

God narrows his eyes so he won’t miss a thing as He watches over us.   He examines every move the Enemy makes against you Dear Child. Just like a hunter who squints into the scope to get the best possible view, God watches.  Like your Daddy who leans back in the chair crosses his arms and peers intently with eyes narrowed listening to your story that you pepper with half-truths and exaggerations in an attempt to avoid swift and sure punishment, God does not miss a thing.

God does not look over your story in His work to run the universe.  Your broken heart is as urgent to The Father as the heat needed by His Word to keep the sun burning.  He narrows His eyes and bends low so as not to miss a moment of your heartache.

He sees you there, scared and lonely and He pauses in His work of managing the chaos of kingdoms to listen and peer deeply into your fear.

He stares intently in the face of Evil that makes war against you and whispers lies that you find overwhelming.  He watches every move of the Enemy and decides His fate for the ways the devil taunts you.

And on a Sunday morning there in my pew I find it wonderfully comforting to realize that God is intent on bringing me to an expected end. He stops the world to take in my plight. Nothing gets by His loving gaze. He sees it all. I am loved. He will not let the Enemy devour me. And never alone. I’m sticking with God.

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