Because there is more to life than thin legs……

As is my usual habit, I was perusing Pinterest last night in search of baby knit patterns for my Little One. She has a great collection of sweaters and booties that must have a matching blanket and my knitting needles are on overdrive.  The Mister will probably have to wait on his hunting socks for another deer season….maybe I will get to them next fall.   I am honestly amazed and so pleased that she is making her arrival the end of January which is also the dead of winter, if you want to call it that here in middle Georgia. Be that as it may, I am preparing her with an assortment of warm things from her Nanny’s stockpile of yarn. But I digress…..

I stumbled upon this pin and I have no idea how this ended up on my feed because Lord knows, I’ve got more to worry about in this current season in life than the fat that takes up space on my thighs….


I sat there for a minute and realized…..I could care less about losing fat on my legs in 30 days. There is more I want to accomplish in life than thin legs….alot more….

Because these chubby legs of mine can run far, not fast, but far. These legs that have not seen a ‘thigh-gap” in decades will run 16 miles tomorrow morning at the break of dawn to get ready for a marathon in November.

Because these legs that have a little extra cellulite will forgo squats and lunges tonight to sit with The Mister and fish a little and laugh alot. And he will not want to hear how I hate the dimples on the backs of my thighs. He will be much more interested in teaching me to cast, even though he has taught me a million times before.

Because legs need to be a little squishy so when my grandbaby sits on my lap she is comfortable and it needs to be soft like a Nanny’s lap should be. This soft lap will rock her and she will rest there while we read books and take naps and watch Big Pops build her playhouse.

Because I would much rather spend time with you, yes, you my friend with the thighs that carry a little extra weight. I would much rather sit at the coffee shop on a Saturday morning and talk about how good God has been to us, how we don’t deserve His goodness than to compare our complaints about fat legs.

So I don’t even bother to click on this picture. There is nothing there that interest me…….

instead I keep scrolling and find what i have been looking for….ah yes…….

baby knit

That’s  what I was looking for before I got sidetracked with this silly fat leg talk……………..

Now come sit and watch Netflix with me while I cast on this dress for Little One in this indescribably soft angora yarn.  We have much more important things to do than worry about thin legs……


2 thoughts on “Because there is more to life than thin legs……

  1. I wish we were still just down the hall from one another. I would feed you cupcakes while you knit so you would never drop a stitch.

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