When we pray “Thy will be done…”

We quietly fold our wish list and put it in our back pocket.

We abandon “what -if’s” and stop running scenarios.

We give up the need to look good or be understood by our family and friends.

Because praying “Thy will be done” is not your average run-of-the-mill prayer. It is different than ” God bless the biscuits” or “Help Aunt Fran’s bad back”.  When we pray “Thy will be done” we take all options off the table. It’s a step of utter and complete dependence. And it will scare you to death.  When we pray “Thy will be done….”

We tell Him that He is allowed to do as He wishes and we bless His name in the process.

We takes our “why’s” and replace them with “yes and amen”.

We tell Him that we are OK with His outcomes.

Because God’s plans will be established.   He sees tomorrow and the next day. He values our holiness far above our happiness.  And as my friend Ramona says, “Let God fight your battle for you. It’s beyond your pay grade anyways.”

Yes Lord, in all things I stop asking and bossing you around. It’s time for me to sit quietly before you. I will come to You with humbleness of spirit. You are overwhelmingly huge and I am very,very small.  Thy will be done…..and we bless Your name with the outcomes….whatever that may be.




One thought on “When we pray “Thy will be done…”

  1. Beautifully said!! You are where you are because He allowed you to be there. He has something He wants to show you. Something for His glory so you and yours will know His glory. Just wait and see!! Love you. 💞

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