Maybe I am just getting old……..

I’ll own it. I am middle age. I am not a bit scared of getting older. You won’t see me trying to look and act like I am twenty five, because I’m not. I am forty six and thankful for everyday that got me here.  When you have lived more days than you likely have left it makes you bold….. or cranky, I am not sure which one.

“Don’t talk about religion and politics”, they say. “If you don’t want to alienate people, keep your personal beliefs to yourself”, they say. And I listened for a long time because after all, I want to be liked. I don’t want to be the obnoxious Facebook friend that posts a million political commentaries. I don’t want to be the person at the family reunion who corners you and blatantly asks you who you are voting for and why.  I really don’t want to be the person that people dodge in Walmart because they don’t have the time to discuss the pros and cons of current immigration laws.

But you know what? I am that person. I just perused my Facebook page and it is a combination of defund Planned Parenthood and pro Ben Carson snippets.  Know something else? I don’t care. What changed my mind?

….seeing a woman cackle with laughter as she trades baby body parts to the highest bidder like she is trading baseball cards.

….imprisonment of people who are choosing between obeying man’s law or God’s law.

….watch ISIS march through Syria and slaughter Christians who refuse to convert to Islam, raping their girls and beheading their sons.  Watching little babies wash up on the seashore trying to escape the horror.

….33 million people exposed on a hush-hush adultery site.  The new form of prostitution for computer savvy johns and little kids pay the price as their family unravels.

…..little girls being labeled “bullies” for not wanting to share a toilet with a little boy at school.

…..the knowledge that I am guilty of paying for killing pre-born babies, and soon will pay for genital mutilation by my tax dollars.

It seems like the world has gone mad.  And it makes me mad.

It’s only the tip of the iceberg.  I know I cannot change the political landscape. I know that my one vote will not change the tide. But you know what?  I am only one, but I can do something.  God never let believers “off the hook”. He calls us to rock the boat…because this world is a sinking ship.  And the concept of not judging so as not to alienate? How’s that working for us?

Blame it on my age. Maybe I’m just getting old.  Blame it on my new Hosea bible study. I am immersed in a study of God’s judgment on Israel for their wayward lifestyle.

But whatever you do….don’t ask me who I am voting for. Because I am “that girl” who is political and wants to talk about it to anyone who will listen.




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2 responses to “Maybe I am just getting old……..

  1. Di

    I’m right there with ya, Stephanie! When are we going to protest, I got my sign ready
    Enjoyed it, say it again if you have to. I get more angry every day. Di

  2. What an amen and gift; God wants us to live boldly; to say nothing is to agree; there is a way to say; in love; and yes this world is getting harder to live in everyday; but God, He is not surprised by any of this! His amazing grace period will end soon I pray; if you be real still and listen…the hoofbeats of heaven can’t be that far away! Amen? #OverwhelmedbyHislove

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