Hey Little One

I was not expecting you quite this early. I imagined you to show up in a couple years when  I was prepared to retire and rock in a chair with you. Your mom and dad threw us for a loop but there was no mistaking the grin that showed up on your Big Pop’s face late that night after they told us you were coming.  He loves babies and I know he is an awful big guy but he can be quite gentle with little ones as you will soon find out.

You have rearranged our entire world and you are no bigger than a orange as you sit and rock in your mama’s tummy. You are safe and sound inside. You don’t know anything about how cruel this world can be. When I watch the news and see the stories of little ones pulled from their safe places and strewn apart I cry.  Everyday I tell The Father how thankful I am that your mama and daddy are here with us, taking care of you, Little One. You have nothing to fear. You are wanted and loved. Maybe our great love for you transforms us to stand up for the Tiny Ones who are not loved or wanted.  I feel a white hot anger everytime I hear their stories and without a word you urge me to speak up for them. I won’t let you down Little One.

Me and Big Pops talk about you mostly at night after we go to bed.  We talk about what you will look like and it makes us smile. Just last night he told me his plans to make you a playhouse right here in the back yard. He made your mama one years ago and she played it in until she was too big to fit in it.  I would look in the window at her as she played in that little yellow playhouse ask her “What ‘cha doin?’.  She would say ” Cookin’ supper and takin’ care of my babies”  while her wild red curls bounced as she rocked her babies in the rocking chair.  Well now, looks like its just about time for her to take care of her real baby, you Little One.  And she’s gonna do a really good job.

Hey Little One, we pray over you every night. You see, you are really special to us. You are God’s grace to us. You are making all things new. You are already doing big things for a really big God.  And whatever I have asked God to do in you, Little One, well He has plans beyond what I can ask or imagine.  It will be your mama’s job to teach you how to walk and talk. She will patiently teach you how to say “Yes ma’am” and use the potty. She will be the one to feed you and spank you when you are naughty. But my job? Oh my job will be to love you and tell you all about how much Jesus loves you. I have big plans for teaching you how to sing songs and pray. I am going to show you how much fun it is to love Him.

Hey Little One, you just keep on rocking there in the warm shelter of your mama’s tummy. You keep growing big and strong. Me and Big Pops love you so much it makes our hearts hurt.  We are so glad that God’s plans may sometimes surprise us, but they never disappoint us. He already knew exactly what we needed.



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  1. Fearfully and wonderfully made! I thank our Lord for He can surely take our stories and use them for His glory! What a blessing; a baby truly changes everything….they have so much to each us….she already has loving grandparents who believe in the power of prayer! #GodisGood

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