Don’t get me wrong…I love praise and worship. Love it so much I played keyboard for a while in praise band. Loved every minute of it……well except for when Daniel would make us sing “Everlasting God” because I love God but I hate that song.  No one loves praise and worship more than me. In fact, I can throw it down on the way to work with 104.7 The Fish with the best of all Hillsong wanna-be’s.

But last night, I stayed for choir practice. It was like visiting an old friend I haven’t talked to in years and picking up right where we left off. I never missed a beat. I found an empty seat in the alto section. I was a little nervous. It’s been along time since I sang in choir. When the music started I closed my eyes for a minute and let the tenor voice of the man somewhere in the back float up and roll over the front of the choir loft.  We break into parts and that’s when I pick up where I left off.  There is nothing quite as sweet as tight harmony.

I remember the first time I recognized that there were parts in harmony and that by stepping down a few notes and following the lead the complement of harmony could take me  away. I was a little girl riding in the back seat listening to my daddy and sisters sing. I wasn’t sure what made it so pretty but I listened and memorized the way their voices blended.  It wasn’t long until they taught me to bend my voice with theirs and create the connection of harmony.  It was a magic moment. Maybe because I played piano and understood the stair stepping that playing a C with an E make or maybe because every time we rode in the car we sang and after a while I just learned it like someone with an accent learns to draw out their “r’s”. No matter how I figured it out, it was not long until I was singing in the church choir and learning how to blend my voice.

So maybe that explains my love affair with singing in choir.  Whether I am in a stadium at a Beth Moore conference with 15,000 other women singing accapella to ” My Chains are Gone” or I am the new girl on the alto row singing ” He is Here” singing in choir brings me joy.  Worship takes on an extra dimension when you blend voices with your brothers and sisters. When the music starts and you face the director waiting for the signal to begin, there is an air of excitement.  When we hit the chorus full blast and sing with abandon about ….” you can touch Him…you will never be the same” there is no denying that this brings The Father much joy. That joy spills over on His children and its difficult to stand still or not cry as the meaning and sound of voices spoil over you.

The feeling of being ushered into His presence is real with many venues of worship.  Peoples hearts respond differently to different songs and styles but I am a church girl. I am a lover of choirs.  Brooklyn Tabernacle is on my bucket list and I guess I would be ready to go on to heaven if I ever had the chance to sing with them.

And I think I forgot just how much I loved choir until I started singing in the alto row again.  There is nothing that brings me to worship quite like that tenor voice from the back row.  Don’t mind me, I am just raising my hand on the front row “getting my praise on” as they say while the director gives us the signal to let it go with everything we’ve got.  And He deserves that much…He is here and we can touch Him. We will never be the same.


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