God is in the midst of her

God is in the midst of her, God will help her when morning dawns. Ps. 46:6

It always the middle of the night when fear and doubt come to rob me of any remnant of peace left over from a chaotic day. Somehow the early morning hours, when it is dark and The Mister is breathing heavy (what some would call snoring) that I recite my anxieties.  It is in the quiet hours that The Enemy does his work.  Some may call it insomnia, I call it the doubting hours.

This morning, I lay still and stare at the wall. I blame it on menopausal night sweats, but let’s be honest, its nothing but worry that seem to squeeze me in half.  I offer up half-hearted prayers that seem to bounce off the shadows in this dark room.  I reach for The Mister, hoping that he is awake too. Maybe we can talk for a bit. He always knows what to say to chase these doubts from the room, but he is still and breathing even and I won’t wake him at 2 AM.

Instead, I search the far corners of my mind in search of some soul comforting Scripture I may have packed away for a time such as this.  I lay still and recite the Lord’s prayer, which does little to make me drowsy.  Instead a barrage of “what-if’s” knock on the door of my consciousness and begin to taunt me with upended scenarios none of which are sleep inducing.  I roll over on my side and whisper to The Father, “Are you here? Will you hold my hand?”  Just then in the stillness my mind repeats the words from Psalms 46…….” There is a river whose streams make glad the City of God. He is in the midst of her, God will help her when morning dawns.”

” Go to sleep Child, I am right here in your midst. Nothing to worry about . Go ahead and get some rest. When the morning comes, I will help you.”

When I roll over to quiet the beep of my alarm at 6 AM, I realize that I have been asleep since our nighttime conversation.  The early morning light is streaming in my window. The Mister is beside me unaware of my midnight turmoil and I’m glad for that.  I lay still and whisper to myself, “He is here in the midst of me. He will help me when morning dawns” and it has dawned and He is still here…..waiting to take my hand and walk me through the day.

What kind of Father holds his daughter’s hand through the night and whispers protection over her?  Is there  a god like our God who lovingly calms us back to sleep and wakes us with promises of hope?  I don’t know of any other God like our God.

He is in the midst of her. God will help her when morning dawns. Ps. 46:6

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