My next five books

Here are the next five books I plan on reading. Please feel free to leave your insights if you have read any on my list. Other book suggestions are always welcome

1.”Help My Unbelief” by Barnabas Piper


Barnabas Piper ( son of John Piper) is one of my favorites! I follow him on twitter and he is hilarious, honest and nothing like his ever famous dad.  This book discusses how the more we know God, the less we know. The more we learn about God, the more questions we have. God is an infinite treasure chest of wonder that we get to explore for eternity.

2.”Onward” by Russell Moore


Taken straight from the Amazon description:

As Christianity seems increasingly strange, and even subversive, to our culture, we have the opportunity to reclaim the freakishness of the gospel, which is what gives it its power in the first place.

Tell me that you don’t want to go out and read this book! Because who does not want to be a Jesus freak? and I’m not kidding, I’m serious. This is a must read and I have  followed this guy online through the whole Planned Parenthood debacle. He’s got it goin’ on.

3.”Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee


Because it’s the sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird” and Scout comes back home. If it is as iconic as the first book it will be well worth the read.

4.”Come Rain or Come Shine” by Jan Karon


The Mitford series is a favorite of mine. One year The Mister got me the whole series for Christmas and I spent the whole week after in my pajamas in bed reading the entire set. I love Father Tim and this new release picks up with his adopted son Dooley who is now the town’s veterinarian.

5.”David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell


Perspective. It’s all about how you see your obstacles. This book talks about how we view the hard parts of life and how that viewpoint makes all the difference. And my friend Matt, who always gives top notch restaurant and book reviews, suggested I read it.



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