Day 6: NYC 2015

Top Ten Reasons Why Pastor Josh Rocks

1. Decision maker. He has the uncanny ability to assess the situation then make a split second decision with no second guessing. This is essential in a mission trip where circumstances can change on a dime and you are required to not just be flexible but fluid.  We are thankful for your solid leadership Pastor Josh.

2. He loves God and loves people. Pastor Josh literally loves everyone from Pastor Kevin to Tito the street addict.   Josh stops the show to ask how you are,  to pray right there for a need and sometimes to make you laugh. You love all of us and it shows!

3. Mad dance skill…..,go ahead. Challenge him to a dance off….I dare you.

4. Soft heart. Yeah,  we saw you crying on Wednesday night and we know it wasn’t something in your eye. We know that it was your soft heat that made you give God all the glory for what you saw God do among all of us. I, for one, am glad to see that spill over on us, teaching our youth how to praise Him.

5. The blue bandana….

6. His  wife. We love Lydia, and let’s be honest……she makes you look good. 

7. Mr. Optimism. It’s hard to get you down. Even on the Thursday of mission trip week when we are tired and a little cranky you manage to keep us focused on the goal and looking out instead of in.

8. He is the master of the NY subway system. Well, we are all willing to forget Monday night.

9. He cares about your kids. Almost makes me wish my kids were still in youth just so he could influence them. Really. If you haven’t watched him in action you may not realize that he knows your kids and really prays over them by name, wanting them to do and be great things for God.

10. And the # 10 reason we love  Pastor Josh????

He helped us this week to see that missions  is a way of life not a place. Being missional means sharing Christ no matter where you are. 

Thanks for the great week Pastor Josh! Can’t wait until next year’s  mission trip!


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