Day 5: NYC 2015

Meet our construction crew: 

These guys have done more in three days than you would ever believe. Cleaning gutters, installing lights, fixing leaks, painting and lots of other things I have no idea about have been checked off their list.
We hit the streets today and found many many day laborers who needed lunches and prayer. The guys spent about twenty minutes in front of a grocery store sharing Christ with a man who is very sick and has lost every single person in his family. 

But if you ask anyone of us what the best part of today was you will here us say the night service. Jake McMillian brought a word that was anointed. When God invades your space there is no doubt about it. After the service the group shared prayers for so many of the people they have met this week. As we talked and listened God began to walk among us and touch our hearts. Our hearts are broken tonight for the things that break God’s  heart. He was so very close there was the whisper of His breath on our cheeks. Tears fell and so did our pride. Conviction brings repentance which always brings joy. 

Surely the presence of the Lord was in this place tonight. 



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