Day 4: NYC 2015

Today lets  go behind the scenes and see what is going on here at Park Slope that you don’t want to miss.

The clothes closet has been organized, purged, folded and hung up by some of the best workers on this trip 

   There are many people in this community who will find warmth from the NYC winter here thanks to some servants hearts and hard work. And sometimes you can score a bargain when you volunteer at the clothes closet right Ms. Carmen? 

 The kitchen never stops this week. Ms. Janet and Ms. Judy organized menus then everyone rotates through to bring us incredible breakfast and lunch. In fact we had taco salad that was off the chain from these ladies: 

Your kids are making a difference in the lives of these kids this week: 

And they are doing it with smiles: 

Tonight we went to Coney Island and did some street evangelism. We talked to people from all walks of life and all nationalities, sharing Jesus 

And you can be sure that this group found time for some rides, some NYC style hot dogs and a snake or two…..wait! What? Yeah I said snake… 

 It’s hard to believe day 4 is in the books and to say we are a little tired is an understatement. Keep praying! God is moving even when we aren’t: 


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  1. Joyce Combass

    So proud of our Team…..

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