Day 3: NYC 2015

Our  first full day of ministry started out with a few minor plumbing issues….but hey, what’s a mission trip without plumbing issues?? Thanks to Pastor John  and Lynwood the issues were resolved and the rest of the crew got to shower after all and for that we all gave thanks to God.

There are several ministry opportunities that each of us will get to experience through the week. This morning started with a peanut and. Jelly sandwich assembly line. These kids rocked the jelly sandwiches and before long two large groups headed out to feed the hungry. 

God showed up and opened so many hearts for us to touch on the streets of NYC today.  Everyone has a story. God let us talk to lots of people who feel like there is little hope for them. Some are homeless, others are addicts trying to get and stay clean. Some were  little bitty kids that our students got to play and love on and show them a little bit of God’s  overwhelming love. We got to see some of our youth your kids talk to people about how God wanted to change their lives and give them a future. Not much sweeter than seeing a high school kid with his arms around a street person praying that they will understand God’s  love. This is real. They are living it out. It’s a beautiful thing to see but you will understand that somethings  are too saved for pictures.

Kids Club is a blast! Think VBS for the neighborhood kids and you know how it went all afternoon.  Just our kids bringing the Good News to those kids.

Tonight we experienced pizza like only New York can do it

And the skyline? It’ll take your breath away….. 

But it made me smile to hear one of the boys say ” It’s pretty but Atlanta is prettier” and I guess he already knows no matter where you at go there’s no place like home.

Keep praying! God is working. He’s changing every one of us. It would make you smile to see how God is using your kids for His glory. They are living outside of their little world and they will never be the same.

I will tell you more adventures as they unfold for us tomorrow but for now I’m gonna enjoy this Diet Coke at the McDonalds in China Town…… While the rest of the crew takes advantage of the wi-fi……..



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