Day 1: NYC 2015

  If you need a little adventure in your life might  I suggest a late night flight to NYC with a navigation through the NYC subway system complete with a maxed out suitcase? It ain’t for sissies. We reached our final destination in the wee hours of  Saturday morning and collapsed. It’s important to know going in that you are on a mission trip and this is not equivalent to resort living at the Four Seasons. I honestly feel that if you don’t suffer just a tiny bit you haven’t really had the whole mission trip experience.  And that’s enough about that. 

Park Slope Community Church is sitting smack dab in the middle of a row of brownstones houses on 12th Street in Brooklyn. Just around the corner is a bagel shop with killer lattes ……because suffering never last forever and every good missionary needs a shot of caffeine.


 Today finds us maneuvering the subway to visit MNYBA Global Impact Organization where we meet Christy and Kevin Cabe.  Want to know what it’s like to pour out your life for Jesus?  Come sit with us while we listen to them tell us about their ministry to multiple people groups in the city. He says something that sticks with me : “if God calls you to get on a plane to fly to another country that’s awesome but God has called us to reach out to the unreached people groups in NYC which has groups from all over the world, right here in our city. God has brought the mission to us.”  Imagine that! God sometimes calls you to pour your life right here, right now. Pray for Christy and Kevin as they minister. This weekend over seven different groups of believers from different nationalities will worship in their facility. They are reaching the city and this week God allows us to help.

 We spend the afternoon experiencing the beauty of  Manhattan  and Central Park. Here in the middle of a concrete jungle lies over six acres of lush green beauty. It reminds me that within the population of cold hearts in NYC, lies pockets of believers who bring the news of eternal  life in Jesus. 

Tomorrow we worship at Park Slope and celebrate with brothers and sisters we have never met before. I have a feeling that although we are far apart tomorrow, part of Crossroads here in Brooklyn and the rest of our church family at home in Eatonton, our hearts are together. Next week as we start our mission work you are here with us, those who gave and  those who prayed. 

 I would tell more details of our day…like who was labeled “the mission trip princess” or who teetered dangerously close to the yellow line to watch for the train, or who snore but I don’t have time for that. Because every good day on a mission trip begins with coffee and ends with ice cream…….and my group is ready to go experience New Yorks finest gelato. 


2 thoughts on “Day 1: NYC 2015

  1. Doing my own little missions trip this coming week, too, as the nurse at Child Evangelism Fellowship’s overnight camp (Good News Camp) along side of my 2 older girls (counselors). The younger two are campers.
    I’ll be eager to read of your NY adventures when I return, but for the meantime I will be praying for God to use you on this particular assignment from Him to you!~~~Michelle King

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