Here I raise my Ebenezer.

Yesterday the preacher man tells us the story of Samuel and the setting of a memorial stone. The stone is set by the prophet and declared to be his Ebenezer….”Hitherto the Lord hath helped us.”

Because Samuel knew that we need constant reminders of the goodness of our God. He knew that left to our own devices our hearts are prone to wander. We set memorials throughout our paths to draw our minds and hearts back to The Helper.

And just today I stop in my path and take in the sights of a great memorial stone that was set years before. Oh maybe not a stone made of granite, but more like a scribble of smeared ink in the margins of my Bible, a date and notes from a sermon by Andy Schulze and memories of God speaking directly into my spirit. I forgave someone that day and set a memorial of where God had brought me, right smack dab in the margin of my Bible. And today, I stumble upon that Ebenezer and I remember…”Hitherto He has helped me.”

And tonight, I stop and chat with a friend at work. We talk about our own separate trials and then she pulls out an Ebenezer and spreads it out on her desk as it were. She does this in the words she tells me, ” Our plans are not always God’s plans and His are better.”  I smile at her, but really I am smiling at an Ebenezer. A memorial in the form of encouraging words that remind me “Hitherto the Lord has helped me.”

The Mister drives me down a county road and tells me all sorts of ideas and dreams and plans he has for our family.  I just sit back and close my eyes and listen to him talk. It soothes me and there on a back road of the home we love here in Putnam County, I watch the tall green grass and Georgia pine trees and realize that they are Ebenezers.  They point us to a faithful God who “hitherto has helped us” and I hear The Mister say….” He has never let us down before, I know He won’t now.”

My Ebenezers, today are not made of stone like Samuel’s were in chapter 7. Instead they take the form of words, scribbled notes,  a friends smile and a tall pine tree, memorials that point me to a Father that loves me without reserve.  Memorials speak to me of  our God that has never, not once, left me. Over and over on an ordinary Monday I am reminded that “Hitherto the Lord has helped me.”

So tonight, I set another Ebenezer. I set a stone here in the form of a post on a blog. It is not a stone of granite, but a stone of resolve in the goodness of God.  I will pour out the contents of my cup on this Ebenezer and let this memorial of God’s faithfulness lead me to worship. Set your memorial here with me. We will come this way again and see this stone and know that today God was close and “Hitherto He has helped us”.  Surely He will help us in that day.




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2 responses to “Here I raise my Ebenezer.

  1. diane

    This is good!! Yes, HE is my help, my strength, my fortress, my refuge, the everlasting arms that warm me , bathed in the prayers of those who love me unconditionally. May our faith increase as we walk this journey!! Love you, Stephanie!!

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