Running for Amal- May Update


This was my view of God’s awesomeness last Saturday morning. I was at mile 5 of a 9mile run.  I was feeling it.  My left calf was tight and it hurt. I was thirsty. I was tired of my soundtrack and honestly just wanted to walk for a bit.  That’s when I saw this beauty…..a little bit of God’s splendor in a brilliant sunrise.

May brings lots of changes. It’s hotter and my runs are getting earlier so that I don’t melt into a puddle on the pavement. If you run in Georgia, you know it’s early mornings or risk heat stroke.

My pal Jamie Easter is training and “Running for Amal” with me.  She will be raising money for Samaritan’s Purse with me and this has been a huge encouragement for me.  It’s good when someone shares your burden with you, it’s even better when they share long runs too.

Samaritan’s Purse is present and active in Iraq and Syria as ISIS continues their wave of terror in  Iraq and captured another town, Ramadi.  There is no decrease in the work load for Samaritan’s Purse caring for refugees which are fleeing for their lives. And meanwhile, back here at home, we all comment on Bruce Jenner’s debacle because that is evidently important news…God help us!  But I digress……

Maybe you are wondering how you can make a difference in the lives of your Christian brothers and sisters who are literally running for their lives.  You can make a difference! By donating any amount to Samaritans Purse you can bring food, shelter, a place to rest for people like Amal and her family.

Go to this link to donate:

Thanks friends. Thanks for giving, thanks for praying and thanks for not wasting your life.

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