what my mama taught me

This afternoon I sat at my mama’s table and ate Sunday dinner with her and daddy like I do most every Sunday after church.  We talked about this and that, everything and nothing at all.  I told her Happy Mother’s Day and kissed her goodbye. It did not escape me that these Sunday afternoons are not in infinite supply. As me and Baby Girl made our way home I watched the clouds in the brilliant May sky and thought about my mama.  There is a lot of things she taught me. Some, I was willing to learn, some I stubbornly ignored. We have hugged and loved each other and other times we fought and made each other cry.  Like most daughters and mothers, we have had our finer moments and there are seasons that were hard but I am thankful for some things my mama taught me….

1. Life is hard but every morning the sun is coming up.  My sister died when I was ten. It was sudden and hard and tragic. My mama cried and cried, but she did not stop living. She did not get angry with God. She did not sink into a lasting depression probably because she had  three other kids to raise but I guess she just knew that it is ridiculous to expect sunshine and roses from this life. It’s hard. Be ready. Grieve if you must. Cry. Scream if you need, but you gotta get up in the morning and keep moving on.  No one deserves a free pass on suffering, but when you trust that God loves you and means it for good you can find the strength to get up tomorrow morning.

2. Take good care of your man.  Through the years, I have seen my mom and dad navigate through life. It is a beautiful picture of a deep friendship.  We knew that Daddy was always number one in her life and we came after that.  I’m glad. I grew up with a deep sense of security that is pretty rare these days. I rarely heard them argue. I never wondered if they were gonna make it or not.   I sure hope my girls see that in me and The Mister.

3. Be able to cook a good company meal. I remember countless people coming to out house for dinner and when we had company we always had my mama’s enchiladas and Spanish rice. She literally perfected them. Have a go-to meal that you can make blind folded. It opens your heart to hospitality.

4. God is worth it.  In life, you will be misunderstood, disappointed, misjudged and sometimes treated badly. God is worth it.  You will give love to people who don’t want it. Love them because God is worth it.  In this life you will have to stand up for right and it won’t go well. Stand up because God is worth it.  In this life you will want to quit church and stay home . Get up and go because God is worth it.

Because in the end, it’s not what we say….it’s how we live that matters.


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