The Great Shepherd and a little lamb from Putnam County

There is a Great Shepherd who cares for every one of His sheep.  He knows them by name and although he has more sheep than I could count,  He cares for each and every one….even a little lamb that lives in Putnam County.


In His tender care, He leads this little lamb to green pastures and still waters.


She learns that everything she needs she can trust Him to provide.


She knows not to run too far ahead of the Shepherd or she may slip and fall, but if she lags behind she can  lose sight of the path.


When the shadows of life threaten the skies, she has no fear. Her Shepherd knows the way home. He IS the way home.

photo (19)

But today, she is reminded that although He came to show her the way home, He also came to lead her to the greenest most abundant pastures on the way there….. John 10:10

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