Now that’s sweet water……

They say ” Water never tastes sweeter than when the well runs dry.” In this case, “they” is my Pastor John and he actually heard the saying from a guy at the Corner Pantry. He reminded us this morning to make every effort , like the man in John 9, to be fully aware of the goodness of God in our lives. Sight was exquisite to a man born blind. Truth is, you don’t have to wait for the well to run completely dry to taste the sweetness of your blessings….

Like waking up from a nap to see the brilliant sunshine peek through the black clouds. It was only for a millisecond but after a solid week of rain it was sweet water………

Like singing next to my dear friend in church this morning. There is nothing like tight harmony with a dear friend. On the third verse of “God is so Good” her soprano fades out and I know without even looking that she is too teary up to sing. She knows that God is so good, in more ways than makes sense and it’s sweet water…….

Like breakfast with a friend and she tells you she has decided to run a marathon with you, and you realize that God has given you a buddy for the grueling Saturday morning runs where you become stronger but not before you become exhausted. Knowing you have someone to run with, so you don’t quit, someone who will remind you why in the world you started in the first place, now that’s sweet water…….

Like finding a church to call home, not a perfect place, but one that you can work and grow and get hurt, but let God heal you again, now that’s sweet water……

Like spending all afternoon with my Baby Girl who could be anywhere else, but instead sits on the kitchen counter and chats with me about everything, and nothing at all, while I make cookies….now that’s sweet water……

Like looking out the window every now and again looking for Big Girl who is making her way home for a visit. Like knowing that the ache in my arms is from the long time its been since I hugged her and buried my face in her red long hair and just held her tight. Knowing that any minute now she will be home, even if just for a day or so, home….now that’s sweet water…..

Sweet water. I’ve had my well run dry and I know, yes I am convinced that the water I am tasting right now….it’s sweet for sure.

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