Running for Amal: April Update

This morning is one of those mornings that was made for a long run. We start out at 7 AM. The early morning mist is starting to rise up from the ground and the horses in the field look like large indistinguishable lumps…but not for long. Before we even hit our stride, the skies lighten and although the sun has not burned its way through the clouds there is a promise from the weather man that today is going to be spectacular. Today’s long run is nine miles which is pretty good since my race training hasn’t actually started.

I’m thankful for my new friends and this new route. Our path traces the shore of the lake and a million showy azaleas turn their pretty pink faces our way. My new friends and I talk the whole way. This is new for me. Long runs usually mean earphones with the latest Jodi Picoult or Karin Slaughter book on my iphone. I realize this morning how much I miss by zoning out in my own world. The run seemed to just fly by and even at the end, when I was secretly begging God to make them start walking so I would not collapse, I was surprised that I made it without constantly checking my time and distance.

This morning, like I do most mornings, I prayed for Amal while I ran. I like to think that I know her a little after these two months of praying for her. I like to think if she were here running with me, I’d let her listen to my music which she would think was old lady music just like my own girls do. She would scrunch up her nose and hand me back the earphones. I like to think I would have to try hard to keep up with her and when I ran behind I would watch her black ponytail bobbing in the wind. When we took a walk break, we would talk about her family and her hopes and dreams and what she wants to be when she grows up….because being a refugee doesn’t mean you don’t have hopes and dreams.

So we press on…up for early morning runs, asking people would they considering sponsoring a middle-aged- slower-than-she-used-to-be woman who wants to raise a little bit of money for refugees and we pray mostly…for Amal, for the peace of Jerusalem, for strength to train and run a race. God can do so much more than we ask or imagine, and He wants to do those things through us. The question then is this: why wouldn’t I run for Amal? or better yet: why wouldn’t you run with me? Or give $26.20 to Samaritans Purse in honor of Amal? Or tonight, when you go to sleep, pray for your brother and sisters in Jordan?

So far we have raised over $700 for Samaritans Purse but there is time to surpass our goal of $2,620.  So many have been so generous and God gets all the glory!

Click here to give

Click here to read about Amal











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