Running for Amal

In my last post I shared my thoughts about Iraqi believers that are under attack from ISIS.  Sometimes the problem can seem overwhelming. Sometimes God  whispers into our spirit, ” You’ve asked me to do something, I will…… through you. Get up. Get off the couch. You can make a difference.  I’ve got some things I want you to do.”

From that chat with The Father, this idea was born, or rather just put in my hands by Him. Running with Amal is an effort to raise funds for Samaritan’s Purse.  Amal is a fourteen year old girl who fled Iraq in fear of her life. She and her family refused to convert to Islam under pressure from ISIS. By the grace of God she escaped and ended up in Syria at a Samaritan’s Purse refugee camp.

Turns out Samaritan’s Purse does alot more than just hand our Christmas boxes.  They are on the front lines receiving refugees from countries under siege of ISIS. They reach out the African countries smitten by Ebola providing hands on medical care. Remember the doctor and nurse who contacted Ebola? Yep, part of the Samaritan’s Purse volunteers.  They are on a mission to rescue young girls who are forced into the sex trafficking underworld.  They help US families who were affected by recent ice storms.

The more I read about Samaritan’s Purse, I knew that if I could raise money, no matter how small, it could be used to care for more people.  I thought about how Amal ran eighteen  miles on foot to get to safety. I thought about how I planned on running a marathon in November and the two  merged into Running for Amal.  

I want to raise $2,620 (representing the 26.2 miles in my marathon) for this refugee camp. I want young girls like Amal to find a safe place they can run to.

You can help. You can sponsor me by going to my project page Samaritan’s Purse  and giving online.  You can come run with me! Have you always wanted to run a marathon? Now is the perfect time.  Maybe you can come run train runs with me every Saturday morning.

And you can pray. Pray for Amal. Pray for other refugee children like her. Pray for persecuted believers in Iraq.

You can share my project on your Facebook page, at your church, in circle of friends, with your running buddies. Anywhere.

Keep checking back once a month right here for updates. I plan on bringing you along on every long run with a full report on my progress because me and you? We are Running for Amal.



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